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Wild Flowers in the Woods
Wind Blown Fuchsia
Dawn of Spring
Light Shines on the Reef
Moonlight over Scelligs
Anemones & Sponges
Blackberry Blossoms
Tidal Surge in the Shallows
Flowers of the Mediterranean
Kelp In The Swell 1200 x 1200mm includin
Fastnet Flood Tide
Woodland Flowers
Hydrangeas & Wild Flowers
Shallows -Acrylic on canvas 1200x120
Summer Wind -Acrylic on canvas 800x8
Wild Spring-Acrylic on canvas 800x50
Rhododendrons Acrylic on canvas
Wild Flowers Acrylic on canvas 960mm wide x 700mm including frame
Flowers in the Breeze Acrylic on canvas 800mm wide x 950mm including frame
Istrian Meadow Acrylic on canvas 800
Among The Kelp Acrylic on canvas 120
Reefside Acrylic on canvas 1300x1040
__SOLD__Moonlight & Spring Tide ;oil on canvas 1200x1200mm including frame
Running Tide Acrylic on canvas 1200x
Istrian Spring Acrylic on canvas 100
___SOLD___Still Water Mixed media on pastel board 850x690mm incl frame_edited
Swell On The Reef  Oil on canvas 120
Adriatic Sun On The Reef oil on canv
Night Meadow
Sunlight Below Mixed media on pastel
Breezy Day in Istria  Acrylic on can
Fastnet Storm Acrylic on canvas 900x
Sun On The Reef Acrylic on canvas 95
Poppy Meadow Acrylic on canvas 1000x
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