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About Tom Browne​

For as long as I can remember I have always been inspired and enthused by the sheer beauty of my native Cork coastline and the ocean surrounding it. Prior to fulfilling my dream of becoming a full time artist I followed in the footsteps of my forefathers and pursued a career as a Master Craftsman Woodturner. So I suppose I inherited my creativity from my fathers side of the family. A side that produced a long lineage of craftsmen and sailors. I've always had a passion for adventure and the outdoors. From the age of 16 I've been an avid scuba diver. Throughout the years I satisfied this passion through thousands of scuba dives off our Cork coast. A lot of these included many dives on a most spectacular tropical reef 8 miles South East of Cork Harbour; The Ling Rock.  Many of my underwater pieces are inspired from this spectacular abyss. 

The colours of the anemone encrusted walls, tropical fish and many variations of seaweed and coral include all points of the colour wheel, certainly energised me to share the beauty of the underwater world and capture the light beneath the waves.


I abided for many years in Oysterhaven bay near Kinsale. A sanctuary of natural beauty, serenity and wildlife. My scenic coastal work is without doubt inspirited from the very essence of the light, colour and atmosphere of the bay's moody seas and the allure of the ever changing skies and sensational sunsets over the bay.

From my home studio in Monkstown, I like to use many mediums to create my pieces including oil acrylic pastel and mixed media. My work is constantly evoloving, taking a life of its own as I continue on my journey deliberating and sharing the beauty that surrounds us.






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